It’s important to share what you know

I’ve given informational tech talks to a range of audiences, on everything from HTML & CSS to Design Thinking.

I’ve helped organize hackathons, run weekend workshops, and participated in design mentorship programs.

Ironing Pixels: Perfect Type on the Web. Chicago Camps Summer 2017. [Slides - PDF] [Video - YouTube]

HTML & CSS. Web Dev Weeks Spring 2016. [Slides - PDF] [Github Repo]

Ruby on Rails. Internal ScottyLabs Workshop Fall 2015. [Week 1 - Google Slides] [Week 2 - Google Slides] [Week 3 - Google Slides]

Thinking Like a Designer. Web Dev Weeks Fall 2014. [Slides - PDF]

How Hackathons are Changing IS Students. UCIS Spring 2014. Winner: Best Presentation. [Slides - Google Slides]

How to Hackathon. Crash Course Spring 2014. [Slides - Google Slides]

HTML & CSS. Crash Course Fall and Spring 2014. [Slides - Google Slides]