My Whole Deal

I’m a generalist digital product designer. I like seeing the whole process; from definition to research to detailed design to seeing an actual screen in somebody’s hand.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2016 with a triple major in Human-Computer Interaction, Information Systems, and Creative Writing.

Most recently I’ve worked at Axios, where I designed for our public-facing website, mobile app, and reporter-facing tools. I’ve also been at a design consultancy, where I worked on projects for JP Morgan Chase and American Express, and helped design (and even build) tools to help our designers communicate with their clients. I’ve also interned at a payments startup, Venmo, and led design at a crowdsourced educational media startup, Expii.

As a designer I’m most at home on UX focused projects. I love product definition, user research, wireframing, and the kind of design problems that require you to make a spreadsheet. I also value seeing my work through to completion, and can deliver on high-fidelity visual design.

One of my favorite parts of the job is working closely with engineers. I have enough software engineering background to effectively communicate, and actually enjoy reworking designs so that they can be built quickly and robustly.

Occasionally, I’m a Runner

I’m not signed up for marathons of 5ks or anything competitive. I do it for the endorphins and the meditative exercise.

When I’m not running, I like rowing machines and kettlebells.

And Sometimes a Writer

Mostly short fiction, especially about privilege, queer dating, and the icky parts of love.

I’ve taken classes with Sackett Street Writers Workshop and Catapult, and am part of a workshopping group that meets at my apartment.

Get In Touch

Resumé — PDF
Email — poulos.taylor.w@gmail.com