Hey! I'm Taylor, yet another Product Designer in Brooklyn, NY


More Digital Projects

Scoop Helper — Designed and developed a newsroom Chome Extension

OSS — Designed a brutalist events website

Moment Extranet — Built a markdown to static site script for a fast-moving design consultancy

Ultrasonic Echolocation — Prototyped a navigational aid for the visually impaired

Happy Birthday — Employed 300 Mechanical Turk workers to write the ultimate birthday card

Pageturner — Built a teleprompter that follows along as you read

Octolingo — Built a universal translator for Google Hangouts

Axios — To see what I worked on, get in touch


It’s important to share what you know

I’ve given informational tech talks to a range of audiences, on everything from HTML & CSS to Design Thinking.

I’ve helped organize hackathons, run weekend workshops, and participated in design mentorship programs.

Ironing Pixels: Perfect Type on the Web. Chicago Camps Summer 2017. [Slides - PDF] [Video - YouTube]

HTML & CSS. Web Dev Weeks Spring 2016. [Slides - PDF] [Github Repo]

Ruby on Rails. Internal ScottyLabs Workshop Fall 2015. [Week 1 - Google Slides] [Week 2 - Google Slides] [Week 3 - Google Slides]

Thinking Like a Designer. Web Dev Weeks Fall 2014. [Slides - PDF]

How Hackathons are Changing IS Students. UCIS Spring 2014. Winner: Best Presentation. [Slides - Google Slides]

How to Hackathon. Crash Course Spring 2014. [Slides - Google Slides]

HTML & CSS. Crash Course Fall and Spring 2014. [Slides - Google Slides]

My whole deal

I’m a generalist digital product designer. I like seeing the whole process; from definition to research to detailed design to seeing an actual screen in somebody’s hand.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2016 with a triple major in Human-Computer Interaction, Information Systems, and Creative Writing.

Right now I'm at The New York Times, where I'm on the team for NYT Parenting. I've also worked at Axios, where I designed for the public-facing website, mobile app, and reporter-facing tools.

As a designer I’m most at home on UX focused projects. I love product definition, user research, wireframing, and the kind of design problems that require you to make a spreadsheet. I also value seeing my work through to completion, and can deliver on high-fidelity visual design.

One of my favorite parts of the job is working closely with engineers. I have enough software engineering background to effectively communicate, and actually enjoy reworking designs so that they can be built quickly and robustly.

Get In Touch

Resumé — tpoulos-product_designer-fall_2019.pdf
Email — poulos.taylor.w@gmail.com
Twitter — @twpoulos
Insta — @twpoulos